Marco Polo Adventures in Iran – Part III

Don't worry they survived. Finally they got to a city, a beautiful one. Tun and Qaien (today known as Ferdows). Marco describes an extraordinary tree in this city. A tree which has green leaves on one side and white leaves on the other. The locals called it “The lonely tree”. It is said that it [...]
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Marco Polo Adventures in Iran – Part II

Marco was in Hormuz. A suitable place for transaction. Since it was a port, it made it easier for merchants to get there, especially Indian merchants. Large ships came there with cargos full of spices, pearls, cloths and many other goods. Besides, Hormuz and Minab rivers were remarkable because of their beauty. However, the monsoon [...]
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Marco Polo Adventures in Iran – Part I

As you know, Marco Polo was a famous Italian merchant, adventurer, and writer. He is known for the book “The Travels of Marco Polo”. In this book, he describes his experiences and his adventurous journey in Asia. Mongol Invasions After the Mongol Invasions on Iran (1219-1221), the Mongols went to Europe because they were interested [...]
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