Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden (aka Shahzadeh Garden) is one of the 9 registered Persian Gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The registered Persian Gardens roots date back to the early years of the Achaemenids Empire (6th century BC), and they all share the same design principles, no matter where in the country they are located. The [...]
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Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum

The story of the Sanati Museum of Kerman is tangled with the inspirational story of Ali Akbar Sanati Zadeh, one of Iran’s most prominent sculptors. Ali Akbar Sanati Zadeh’s name has an interesting story. His namesake, Akbar Sanati Zadeh, known as Haj Akbar, was looking to do something for the people of his city, Kerman. [...]
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Moayedi Ice-house

Controlling water resources has always played an important part in the lives of people who live in the deserts of Iran. Qanāts, water reservoirs (Āb Anbār) and ice houses (Yakhchāl) are some of the finest examples of creative methods used by Iranians throughout history to control, transport and store limited water supplies. Ice houses have […]

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Kipo Restaurant

Kipo Restaurant, located in Hamzeh Boulevard, Kerman, is a modern Restaurant with reasonable prices. Their design is simple, chic, modern and harmonic and they use colorful chairs next to wooden tables. Kipo serves great international breakfasts. Every item in their English breakfast has been seasoned individually. It contains, toast, sunny-side up eggs, sausages, beans, mushrooms [...]
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Keykhosro House & Restaurant

Keykhosro House & Restaurant, located in Borzoo, Shohada Street, Kerman is a Persian traditional house, restored and converted into a restaurant. Its courtyard is decorated with pools, ponds, blocks of flowers and a huge palm tree. Keykhosro has two talking parrots called Peste (pistachio) and Asal (honey). They are one of the main attractions due [...]
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