Keshit Waterfall, Kerman, Iran

The more time you spend in Kerman, the more surprised you will be. This vast province has a lot of breathtaking spots at every turn. Kerman shows you strangely striking sights that will remain once for a lifetime experience. Today TapPersia is going to take you to a wonderful waterfall in Iran. A waterfall located […]

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Fath-Abad Garden, Kerman, Iran

Kerman province has many unique sights and attractions to marvel at. From Lut desert and Shahdad Kluts to Shahzadeh garden and its historical bazaar. Among them, there are historical attractions that are less known to the public; such as the Fath-Abad mansion and garden. It is also known as the garden of Bigler Beigi that […]

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Gonbad-e Jabaliye (Jabaliyeh historical Dome ), Kerman, Iran

Kerman is one of the most popular cities in Iran and one of the top tourist attractions. For more people when you say Kerman, Arg-e Bam pops into their minds. But besides Arg-e Bam that is a huge Iranian historical attraction, this large province has a lot more fabulous sites to explore and marvel at. […]

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