Ameri House; Where Architecture Meets Art

One of the chief attractions of Kashan is the Ameri Historical House; truth be told, the term house does not reflect what you’d be expecting. Also known as “Khan-e Ameriha” in Persian, it is more of a mansion or even sort of a local palace since the area encompasses various sections including 85 rooms and […]

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Abbasian House; An Eco-friendly Persian House

Kashan welcomes visitors from all around the world with a variety of attractions to offer; from convoluted Kashan Bazzar and ingenious Agha Bozorg Mosque to mesmerizing historical houses. Despite the desert area Kashan is located in, it has magnificent historical houses belonging to affluent merchants and clerics. The Tabatabei House, Ameri House (Saray-e Ameriha), and […]

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