Ameri House; Where Architecture Meets Art

One of the chief attractions of Kashan is the Ameri Historical House; truth be told, the term house does not reflect what you’d be expecting. Also known as “Khan-e Ameriha” in Persian, it is more of a mansion or even sort of a local palace since the area encompasses various sections including 85 rooms and […]

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Abbasian House of Kashan – An Aristocratic Day in Kashan

We would love to ask you to join Tappersia, today. And walk with us to the Abbasian House of Kashan. It is one of the historical attractions of this city. They call it the masterpiece of Iranian architecture. And for sure, it has attracted the attention of many tourists. With its inner rooms and special […]

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Top Things to See and Do in Kashan, the City of Rosewater

Today we are going to learn about the top things to do in Kashan. This beautiful and lovely city has a lot to offer. So don’t miss it.

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Boroujerdi House

Walking through this historic house full of memories, feelings, and character can take us to 19th century Iran. It’s like a trip back to the past time and feeling the authentic atmosphere of old residential areas. Boroujerdi House is just one of the must-see historical houses in Kashan, Isfahan Province. Some of the other attractions […]

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