Meydan Mosque; An Ancient Mosque in Kashan

Kashan, the city of pure rosewater and magnificent historical houses has so much to offer to its visitors. From the stunning rosewater distillation to architectural masterpieces like Fin Garden and astonishing historical houses and mosques. One of the greatest mosques in Kashan is Meydan Mosque; Persian call it Masjed-e Meydan which means Meydan Mosque and […]

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Steve House; A Photographer’s Haunt in Kashan

Kashan is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful historical houses, and colorful carpets. But it has another astonishing yet different tourist attractions, especially for photography enthusiasts. With the efforts of Hosein Farmani, in 2019, they opened Steve House to not only exhibit Steve McCurry’s marvelous photography but also to introduce local people and tourists to […]

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Shahzadeh-ye Ibrahim; A Religious Site in Kashan

Kashan, the city of marvelous historical houses and beautiful gardens has so much to offer. Aside from all the beauties like Boroujerdi House, Tabatabei House, Fin Garden, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and Steve House which are only some of the innumerable sites Kashan hosts its tourists, there are religious touristic attractions in Kashan as well. […]

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