Moshir-al-molk Historical House

There is a traditional house in one of the oldest streets of Isfahan which dates back to the Safavid era and Qajar dynasty. This house was actually the merge of the Safavid era work of art. This historical house is a delightful space including a library, gallery and elegant halls. The Moshir-al-molk Historical House is [...]
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The Underground City of Kurd-e Olya

Introduction Kurd-e Olya is a village located in a rural district 100 km away from west of Isfahan. It is placed in foothills of Dalan Kouh of Zagros mountains. Although the temperatures vary, the average annual temperature fluctuates between cold in winters and mild in summers with the driest month being September. It has many [...]
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The Bedkhem Church

The Bedkhem (Bethlehem) Church is an Armenian Apostolic church in the Jolfa quarter in Isfahan, Iran. The city itself is nicknamed Nesf-e Jahān, “Half of the World,” so that puts this church in the center of the world. History This church is built in Safavid dynasty in Shah Abbas I era, by famous Armenian merchant [...]
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Vank Cathedral

Introduction The Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, Jolfa, has been home to one of the highly respected minorities in Iran. Jolfa is among the most famous neighborhoods in the city. Its liveliness and numerous cafes has made it the perfect spot for many locals and tourists to spend time in. Iranian Armenians have been residing in [...]
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Flowers Garden

One of the most remarkable places in Isfahan is flowers garden. This beautiful garden is located in the south-east of Bozorgmehr square, right next to the Zayandehrud river. This garden was completed in 1997 for different purposes such as research, education and entertainment. At the entrance of the garden you can see a building with [...]
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