Zayandeh Rud River

When you first visit Isfahan, you might be appealed to a glamorous and remarkable river. It makes you realise why such a big city with a rich culture lies in this location. Many tribes were attracted to reside along this river and they gradually formed a great civilization. Zayandeh Rud is one of the the [...]
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Chama Ice Cave

Near Chelgard village in Kuhrang county, after 25 km and passing Sheikh-Alikhan village, in the middle of Zardkuh mountain in Zagros range, you will reach to one of the most unique ice caves in Iran. Chama ice cave is known as one of the biggest sources of fresh-water. A charming view of this cave is [...]
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Karkas Mountain

In the center of Iran, near Natanz, you will see one of the highest peaks in Iran, Karkas. This large mountain chain is stretched from Kashan to Ardestan for more than 100 km. Its 3895 meter peak is mostly covered with snow which adds to its visual beauties. The name Karkas (vulture) Probably comes from [...]
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Koohrang Fritillaria Tulips

Kuhrang county is in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in the west side of Iran. The unending natural beauties of this county have made it a unique tourist attraction. Kuhrang waterfall, Chama ice cave and Sheikh-Alikhan waterfall are examples of these attractions. The weather of this area is mostly cool, that’s why the best time for [...]
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Bagh Bahadoran

Bagh Bahadoran is a city in and the capital of Bagh Bahadoran District, in Lenjan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. Its population is about 8,808, in 2,432 families.  Since it is located in the line of Zayandehrood beach, the weather is so mild in the summer and so cold in the winter. In the past People [...]
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