Don’t Go to Iran

Not a long time ago, a video went viral on social media made by a French film director, photographer, blogger, and traveler named Benjamin Martinie, also known as TOLT. He is mostly known because of making videos of the beauties of different countries, using opposite adjectives with the title “Don’t Go to (the name of […]

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Top 10 Iranian Foods

Since antiquity, Persian culture has been known throughout the world, not just for their prized exports such as carpets and spices, but also for their music, poetry, romantic novels, and heroic epics. You can experience almost every part of Persian culture in local cuisines. All across the world, people are discovering the magic and flavor [...]
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Pasto Cafe and Restaurant

Tucked away inside a narrow alley near Isfahan’s Enghelab Square, is a cozy diner that stands out from its neighboring restaurants. Pasto Cafe and Restaurant is famous for its amazing food, warm atmosphere, and charming staff. The name Pasto itself has a great backstory. The “pasto” or “pastoi” was typically the storeroom of traditional Persian [...]
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Kolumba, also known as fish Halim, is one the most famous and traditional foods of Qeshm and Hormozgan province. This delicious food is made of fish, wheat, and vegetables (coriander and dill). In order to cook it, you first need to add wheat to boiling water. At the same time, fish needs to be cooked [...]
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Khaleh Restaurant

Near one of the most famous sites of Qeshm Island, Portugees Castle, a local woman that everyone calls her ‘aunt’ runs her own small traditional restaurant. Khaleh restaurant is not fancy and big but the foods are incomparable to any other restaurant on the Island. This restaurant is only open at nights and you can [...]
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Darya Restaurant

Darya Restaurant, located in ِDargahan, Qeshm, is considered the biggest seafood restaurant on the island. They designed every part of Darya restaurant (which means sea in Persian) purposely to represent an old-school wooden ship. Its walls and roof are tastefully decorated with wood stripes and straws. The tables, the chairs, and their backseats all resemble [...]
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Poodini Kooseh, The Shark Dish

When you travel to a place like Qeshm Island, instead of going to fancy restaurants or fast foods, you should try local foods. Foods that cannot be found anywhere else in Iran. One of the most famous local foods in Qeshm is Poodini Kooseh (shark). You will need shark meat or flounder fish to make [...]
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What are the common meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

In order to give you a sense of what to expect, here are a few common main meals that are can be found throughout the day: Breakfast Breakfast is one of the most important meals in Iran. Iranians are famous for being early birds so they can sit down and enjoy a good, substantial breakfast. […]

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