Persian Cat Museum in Tehran – A Museum for Cat Lovers

There is this breed of cats that look so elegant and aristocratic. With their long coat, small eyes, and mostly chubby bodies, you won’t be able to ignore them. You want to get close to them, talk to them, and touch their soft long fur. This loving dignified breed is known as “Persian Cat”. Where […]

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Top 10 Museums in Iran to Put on Your List

Museums are places where you can learn a lot about a country’s history, culture, and art. Moreover, by visiting the ancient items, you travel back to the past and imagine old people like characters in a story.  A true story which can teach you lessons and widen your horizons about life. Getting lots of information [...]
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Iran National Museum

Iran National Museum is a ‘ mother museum’ because it is the largest, the most important and the oldest museum of the country. In terms of volume, variety and quality of the works is also one of the few big museums in the world. Unique display of the works from the Paleolithic to the Islamic […]

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