Boroujerdi House

Walking through this historic house full of memories, feelings, and character can take us to 19th century Iran. It’s like a trip back to the past time and feeling the authentic atmosphere of old residential areas. Boroujerdi House is just one of the must-see houses in Kashan, Isfahan Province. Some of the other attractions are [...]
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Iran Dress Code

Travelling to a muslim country like Iran can bring you lots of new experiences and distinctive cultures starts from multiple attractions to their lifestyle and even cuisine, but it may also have few slight religious bounds as well. First of all, it should be mentioned that not all the Islamic countries have same rules and [...]
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Narenjestan-e Ghavam

Introduction Do you want to see a house with shining walls and ceilings? Let us take you to a house with an exclusive architecture and design that you cannot find anywhere else. Somewhere that you get to walk in a garden with a big pond in the middle with fountains and you are surrounded by [...]
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Kuku Shirin

Kuku Shirin, one of the popular Qazvin dishes and similar to a French quiche, can be made with chicken or potatoes as a fully vegan food! Sweet Kuku is made in two parts and the final dish is decorated with almond or pistachio slices which had been cut into diamond shaped pieces.   Ingredients For [...]
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Nowruz, The Persian New Year

Introduction The lives of ancient people depended on being able to accurately predict the cycles of the seasons. Everything about ancient Iranians and their Zoroastrian roots goes back to their intense focus and respect for nature and its cyclical patterns. Through centuries of observations and recordings, they were able to come up with a system, [...]
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