Khara Desert – Underrated but Breathtaking

Iran is full of breathtaking deserts that each of them is unique in their own way. Lut is probably the most known desert in Iran, which is in Kerman; but if you have some free time while enjoying Isfahan, Khara Desert is one of those places that is underrated but makes you stand in awe […]

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Bafgh Desert

Bafgh desert in Yazd province, is one of the most beautiful desert in Iran. You ca have Camel ridding and overnight in traditional mansion. If you want to experience this beautiful desert you can book a budget trip through This Link and start visiting there from Yazd.

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Maranjab Desert; A Serene Piece of Nature

Iran offers marvelous deserts to tourists. Walking barefoot on sand dunes, listening to the sound of wind, camping, and counting the stars at night are some unforgettable and memorable experiences you can have at deserts. In Iran, there are usually several caravanserais in each desert to pave the way for travelers to have a place […]

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