Trekking Iran, Land of Adventure – Part 2

Besides stunning valleys and forests, mountains are probably the major attractions for the trekkers who come to Iran. Most people think they have seen mountains until their first time visiting Iran. Gigantic, monolithic, behemoths rising towards the sky, towering over the land, can be observed as far as the eyes can see. The monumental Alborz […]

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Trekking Iran, Land of Adventure – Part 1

With no doubt, Iran is one of the richest countries in the world. Not only its nature but also its culture and history will offer you the best scenes one can see. From the very northern part, the Caspian Sea, to the southern part, in the islands of Persian Gulf, you get to experience one […]

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Damavand Mount

Introduction Lots of Persian myths were said to happen in this enchanting mount, Damavand. In Zoroastrian texts, there was a three-headed dragon named Azi Dahaka. It was chained in the same Mount, which will be imprisoned there till the end of the world. Ferdosi, the great poet of 10th century narrates another version of the [...]
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