Namak Abrood, the Stairway to Heaven

Travelling to the north of Iran always make people fascinated by a variety of attractions. A vast fertile area spread between Caspian Sea and Alborz Mountain Range, called Mazandaran Province. In this trip, we will embrace the spirited nature and continue our dreamlike way through forest area of northern Iran, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, beaches and mountains. Accompany us to visit one of the most vivacious and beautiful cities of Iran, called Namak Abrood. Let’s get on its exciting telecabine and fly over the imposing wooded forests and high summits.

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Harvesting Experience with Locals in Babolsar

Join us on an amazing tour to the north of Iran, where the Caspian Sea shares border with land and creates an extraordinary, vivacious territory. The rich variety of fauna and flora has made the area extremely unique and you can experience a totally different climate in Iran. The flourishing nature full of fertile lands, rainforests, green mountains, lush waterfalls, and picturesque beaches have made this region a wonderland.

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