Kalut Tour Plus Rayen City

Kalut Tour Plus Rayen City On this tour, we start moving from Kerman City and head to a town nearby called Mahan. Mahan is located in the southeast of Kerman Province and it’s remarkable due to its natural charms and nice climate. The most popular attraction in this area is called Shahzadeh Garden (also called [...]
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Kaluts and Shahzadeh Garden Tour

Kaluts and Shahzadeh Garden Tour Our journey starts in the morning in Kerman City and we move to a town in the southeast of Kerman Province. Not many people are aware of the beauty of Mahan Town and its wonderful nature and pleasant climate. Shahzadeh Garden or Shazdeh Garden, one of the greatest and most [...]
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Zahedan, Zabol, Chabahar Tour

Zahedan, Zabol, Chabahar This tour helps you to see the unique and mysterious region of Iran, called Sistan and Baluchestan. Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran shares borders with Pakistan and people have a mixed culture of Iran and Pakistan. They speak Baluchi and have special costumes and cuisine. Travelers all claim Baluchestan has the [...]
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Kerman Free Walking Tour

On the Kerman free walking tour you get this chance to explore different parts of Kerman Bazaar and find some of the friendliest local shopkeepers that you have ever seen! We will start this tour from Kerman's magnificent 'Sartasari' ('end-to-end') Bazaar, the highlight of the central city and one of the longest Bazaars in Iran! You are [...]
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Astronomy Tour in Lut Desert

The starry night sky summons us like a velvet pillow decorated with shiny marbles. The night invites us to its endless warm cuddle and tickles our wildest dreams.
Possessed by its powerful spell, we gaze for hours trying to locate its significant objects. Our wondering, amazed minds will stroll through the milky way while our numb bodies are not able to recognize the passing of time, laying on top of a sand hill in the outstanding Lut Desert.

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