Maranjab Desert & Caravansary

There’s something catchy about every caravanserai in Iran, they work like a time machine. It’s easy to travel through the history when you’re in a caravanserai, and Maranjab Caravanserai with its unique location in the middle of the desert is probably one of the best examples of the mystery lying underneath these once crowded rest areas.

To reach the desert, you will need to drive in dirt roads for a good amount of time, making the destination seem truly unreachable. You will pass through the beautiful rock formations, enjoy brilliant views of the desert and have a glance at one of the largest salt lakes in Iran, Namak Lake.

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Kashan to IKIA Airport Pick up Tour

On “Kashan to IKIA Pick-up tour” we will start from Kashan. Then we will head to Qom, the second most holy city in Iran, to visit the golden shrine of Fatima Masoumeh. On the way to the International Imam Khomeini Airport, you take some time to relax in a private ride toward your final destination in Iran!

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Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh is a unique outstanding village in the whole of Iran. As it’s located in the foothills of Karkas mountains, it has amazingly stayed intact since Sassanid era (1700 years ago). After the arab invasion in the 7th century, some Zoroastrians immigrated to the mountains and deserts for protecting their religion and even nowadays the language dialect in Abyaneh is old Persian. Strolling in this red village gives you the feeling of a time travel and you’ll be amazed by peoples’ traditional clothes.

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Kashan Roof Top Walking Tour

Experience the historic city of Kashan from a unique point of view. Walk on top of its wonderful mud-brick rooftops and enjoy its alien landscape. Stroll through Kashan’s narrow alleys, its noble neighborhoods and its magnificent Bazaar. Visit its world-renowned historical houses and taste Golab (rosewater) in the Golab capital of the world.

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Kashan to Isfahan Pick up Tour (Abyaneh Village)

Join us on a ride from Kashan to Isfahan. We will visit Abyaneh on the way and then head to Isfahan. After Arabs invasions in the 7th century, some Zoroastrian followers fled toward the mountains and deserts to keep their religion from Islam conversion. They found a string of villages in the Karkas Mountains, north of Isfahan. Abyaneh is one of the last surviving villages of the valley.

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