Scuba Diving In Persian Gulf, Larak Island

Holding lots of native marine creatures and coral reefs, Larak is an astonishing Island in the Persian Gulf. In this diving tour, you will enjoy the golden opportunity of visiting this amazing wildlife and untouched nature. The tour includes a short exciting trip on boat, from Qeshm Island to Larak diving site. A striking sense of diving and exploring different species of fish, both small and large, is something that makes your trip unique and memorable.

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Tochal Mountain Climbing

Join us in an unparalleled experience in the adventure towards the Tochal mountain. This tour is tailored for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Experience camping under the stars in one of the most renowned mountain shelters of Iran, Shirpala while enjoying the wonderful views of the capital city, Tehran. The beautiful waterfalls, fountains and other natural gems along the path are going to make your journey unforgettable.

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Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is arguably one of the biggest and most beautiful ski resorts in the middle east. Located in the Alborz mountain range, this ski resort offers spectacular scenery of Damavand, the biggest volcano in Asia which is also one of the defining characteristics of Dizin. The resort is widely renowned for the quality of its snow and for being one of the highest resorts in the world. Dizin is definitely one of the best ski resorts in Iran for both beginners and professionals.

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Qeshm & Hormuz Island Full Board

This three day tour tour will allow you the opportunity to explore the Gulf of Persia’s most popular and attractive islands. The dolphin-shaped island of Qeshm, the largest independent landmass in the Persian Gulf Island, has a plethora of natural attractions, from pristine beaches and forests to valleys and caves. The island’s captivating and rich heritage also extends back back more than a thousand years. Hormuz, known as the Rainbow island, boasts a magnificent and untouched wilderness along with a ancient, picturesque Portuguese castle.

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Maranjab Desert & Caravansary

There’s something catchy about every caravanserai in Iran, they work like a time machine. It’s easy to travel through the history when you’re in a caravanserai, and Maranjab Caravanserai with its unique location in the middle of the desert is probably one of the best examples of the mystery lying underneath these once crowded rest areas.

To reach the desert, you will need to drive in dirt roads for a good amount of time, making the destination seem truly unreachable. You will pass through the beautiful rock formations, enjoy brilliant views of the desert and have a glance at one of the largest salt lakes in Iran, Namak Lake.

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