Vartoon Natural Hot Sulfur Springs

Located 80km away from Isfahan, Vartun Hot Sulphur Springs is the best place to have a chill day away from the urban life. This complex is located in a desert region that offers quite astonishing landscapes and views to its visitors. Choose between the traditional way of going in the small pools filled directly with hot water or enjoy the mineral-rich water in a private shower.

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Isfahan Roof Top – Soffeh Mountain (2257m)

Get ready for a long climbing all the way up to the great Soffeh Mountain, because believe me, you are about to see one of the greatest pictures of your life. You can see all of the city beneath your leg with a quiet place which is suitable for relaxation. In the evenings this view becomes more enchanting when the city lights blink like the stars in the skyline.

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Karkas Mountain (3895m)

Our plan is to climb Karkas mount, trekking through a vast mountain which will make us amazed about how pure and admirable the nature is. Karkas means vulture in Persian and there are several anecdotes about it. Some people say that the mount foothill used to be a hunting place for the Safavid King, Shah Abbas. Once upon a time, he was about to drink a poisonous glass of water, but suddenly, a vulture dropped the glass down by moving its wings. Some believe as you can see many small black vultures over the mount hills, it’s named Karkas. Let’s go on and explore it ourselves.

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