Sabalan Mountain Climbing

Sabalan or Savalan Mountain, is the third highest mountain in Iran with 4811 meters in height, standing after Damavand (5609 m) and Alam-kuh (4850 m). Its untouched nature, beautiful valleys and grand glaciers combined with the hot springs around it, make it one of the most exquisite sights in Iran. This tour will show you the other side of Iran’s nature. One you will not regret facing.

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Maranjab Desert & Caravansary

There’s something catchy about every caravanserai in Iran, they work like a time machine. It’s easy to travel through the history when you’re in a caravanserai, and Maranjab Caravanserai with its unique location in the middle of the desert is probably one of the best examples of the mystery lying underneath these once crowded rest areas.

To reach the desert, you will need to drive in dirt roads for a good amount of time, making the destination seem truly unreachable. You will pass through the beautiful rock formations, enjoy brilliant views of the desert and have a glance at one of the largest salt lakes in Iran, Namak Lake.

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Kandovan Rocky Village

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Iran, the man-made cliff dwellings of Kandovan is located. These inhabited cliffs, in the heart of Sahand mountain, make a unique and picturesque landscape. The houses are carved in the rocks just like a cave but in a sophisticated way. You will just stand in awe of the fascinating look of this small village.

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Tabriz Colourful Mountains ( Ala Daglar )

We move toward the suburb of Tabriz to explore the colourful mountains and amazingly, they seem like a rainbow. You may think it’s a fantasy or dream but it’s one of the fewest natural spots you can find all over the world. They’re called “Ala Daglar ” in local Azeri language. By watching the colors spread everywhere, you’ll be amazed to meditate or take elegant photos of the scenic hills.

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Climbing Mount Damavand

We plan to climb the highest summit of Iran and also Asia’s highest volcano. It’s the sign of stamina and owns a very special position among Iranians as you can see the name of Damavand in many Persian masterpieces and it’s also printed on the Iran’s official paper money. Accompany us in this adventure in case you have the physical fitness and preparation for mountaineering enjoy this tour in real.

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