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Skiing in Iran

Skiing in Iran - Iran Tourist Attractions - TAPPersia

Skiing in Iran

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You might think Iran is not the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to skiing, but that’s exactly where you’re wrong. Iran has all kinds of terrains, all the way from flat to mountainous. Iran’s mountains range from less than 1000 to more than 5000 meters in height. The climate in most of these areas is also cold during the year, reaching an unbearable -30º Celsius.

For years these mountains have been the destination for skiers in the country. Today, however, these mountains have turned into ski resorts with highly professional personnel, guiding tourists every step of the way. So if you happen to be in Iran during the cold season, pack up your coat and boots, rent a couple of skies and slide on the thick, soft snow, down the mountain.

Many ski resorts have formed in different parts of the country in the past few years. They offer visitors different programs, such as skiing, snowboarding, snow tube, sled, and even snowmobile riding. Tochal, Darbandsar and Dizin in Tehran, Alvares in Ardabil, Pooladkaf in Fars and Sahand Ski Resort in East Azerbaijan Province are only a few of these attractions.

Being a four season country, Iran has many marvelous locations to visit throughout the year, cold season or hot. Some of these locations are uniquely spectacular in all seasons, like the Sahand and Sabalan mountains. These locations definitely deserve a second, sometimes the third visit.


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