Shamsol Emareh has been one of the high-rise and interesting buildings of old Tehran. In 1282 AH, just a little time after Tehran’s development plan, Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar ordered Doostali Khan Nezam ol-Dowleh (Moayer al-Mamalek) to build it. He chose a site to the east of the citadel (Arg) of Tehran. Shamsol Emareh has been the first five-storey building in Tehran. Despite of some similarities with Isfahan Ali Qapu palace, it has influences of European architecture.

Shamsol Emareh is the most prominent building in Golestan Palace and the most distinctive building on the east side of the complex. It has been said that the king had been inspired in one of his visits abroad, by the multi-storey buildings he observed there to build such a high-rise structure in the capital city of Tehran to have been able to have a view of the city along with the court.

Shamsol Emareh is one of the famous sights in Tehran. Mirror works, paintings, plaster works on the walls and ceilings are unique in terms of different architectural and decorative styles. Its halls and chambers all equipped with high quality and premium curtains, chandeliers and posters. Thus, travelers who plan to travel to Tehran and go sightseeing should put Golestan Palace complex and Shamsol Emareh in their list.


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