If you want to visit the largest exhibitions held in Isfahan you need to go to Shahrestan area in the east of the city. The exhibition changes themes weekly. It’s always fun to walk inside the dynamic spacious halls and have a look on the latest products.

The good thing is that the exhibition site is exactly located near a historical stunning bridge called Shahrestan. The bridge is named after a village called Shahrestan in the same region but it’s part of Isfahan now. It’s actually the oldest bridge on Zayandeh Rud River. Shahrestan bridge was built during the Sassanid dynasty and was repaired in the Seljuk era due to Zayandeh Rud River floods. You can see signs of repairments on its arches which are not exactly alike each other.

It’s made of bricks, stones and cement and the direction of the bridge is nearly North-South. The length is about 105 meters and the width is almost 5 meters, it has 11 gates and 12 pillars.
It’s an amazing scene when you sit along Zayandeh Rud River and watch water flow through all these gates, it’s like the bridge relaxes and brushes pure water while passing it onto its other side. At the same time, you have lots of nature behind you.

In ancient Persia, they used to build bridges where the river had the smallest width and also where there were lots of rocks on its bed, so the pedestals are fixed on the river’s natural stones.

This remarkable bridge was built for military uses. In fact, the importance of the bridge was the Shiraz route which used to pass over the bridge until the beginning of the Safavid dynasty. Also, as the area was civilized many years ago, you can find other ancient places around like Jei Jame Mosque and the old castle of Isfahan called Kohandezh.

The bridge lies among beautiful meadows, so nowadays there are lots of amazing parks and astonishing landscapes around it and you can enjoy relaxing in the rich green area as well. There’s also a splendid famous flower garden nearby which is a must-see in Isfahan.

All in all, if you want to utilise your time well and visit an old area with lots of interests and wonders, why not go to the Shahrestan bridge which can be one of Isfahan’s top choices?


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