Keshoom Saffron – Story Box (2.1g)


What’s Inside: A glass jar with 2g of Whole Saffron

A glass sample with 0.1g of Whole Saffron

A tin container with 2g Saffron Petals

Handwoven cotton storage...

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 The Story Box is packed with a jar containing 2 grams of handpicked Whole Saffron along with one small glass container with 0.1g of Whole Saffron to share with close friends or family. The sample is good for making five cups of herbal saffron tea. The package also comes with a tin container with 2g of Saffron Petals, also used for making a variety of herbal drinks and infusions. Each package also contains a handwoven cotton storage sack to keep your saffron fresh and away from light, along with the life story of its saffron farmer.

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Weight2.1 g


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