It is hard to say No to pizza. If you are in Isfahan and haven’t been to Pizzara yet, you’re missing out. It’s the kind of place where you may get the feeling of a very old bakery, dating back many decades. A giant pile of wood wedges sitting right next to the entrance along with a big stone furnace located in the reception takes you back in time. Not only does the smell get more enticing the closer you get, you can also see the bakers in the middle of tossing dough or packing fresh baked pizzas right in front of you.

Pizzara has a knack for presenting new styles of wood-fired pizzas mixed with Italian spices and dittany. Pizzara’s light dough will leave the most sensitive fast food eaters feeling satisfied and unbloated. All their pizzas melt on the tongue and go down smoothly. The fact that this place specifically does not have delivery really knocked my socks off. Their philosophy states that the customer should pick up the pizza themselves in order to preserve the quality of the pizza when it is handed to them.

Pizzara has something for everyone. A collection of unique recipes, gathered to suit all tastes and desires, will make ordering a breeze. If you’re into hot flavors, the Pepperone can be a perfect choice. If you’re vegetarian, Pizzara’s got you covered with the Margarita (fresh house tomato sauce, cheese, dittany, basil) or the Vegetariana (fresh house tomato sauce, capers, jalapenos, hot peppers, olives, cheese, garlic, fresh mushrooms).

I’ve long believed looking for good food leads to amazing surprises. Pizzara not only takes you away with its unique, cute decoration and presentation, but also with their unbelievably delicious and fresh pizzas.


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