Tucked away inside a narrow alley near Isfahan’s Enghelab Square, is a cozy diner that stands out from its neighboring restaurants. Pasto Cafe and Restaurant is famous for its amazing food, warm atmosphere, and charming staff. The name Pasto itself has a great backstory. The “pasto” or “pastoi” was typically the storeroom of traditional Persian mansions. They were located out of sight of the rest of the family, and was typically used by promiscuous lovers for a quick escape from the commotion. Similarly, Pasto the restaurant serves as a local hot spot for young couples that don’t necessarily want to be seen.

Even from the outside, you automatically sense the warmness of the atmosphere from all the young people sitting around small tables, close together, in the restaurants storefront, under its iconic awning. The interior is a fantastic blend of traditional and modern furnishing and decoration. I think the first thing that may catch your attention as you walk inside is the uniquely designed and colorful tiled-flooring. The combination of diverse leather furniture, great mirror placements, and exposed brick walls make you feel as if you are no longer in the traditional city of Isfahan.

Pasto’s menu has a wide variety of food including both Italian and Iranian dishes. They have put a lot of effort into creating unique versions of each dish. I recommend you to try Pasto’s chicken toast. This wonderful sandwich is made by delicious grilled chickens, topped with a layer of Gouda cheese and pesto sauce, between two slices of toasted bread along with extra fries on the side. Having Pasto’s Mojito drink beside your meal will complete this wonderful experience, it consists of lime juice, soda water, fresh mints and sugar. The sweetness and sourness of this drink is very pleasant. Prices are very suitable and the serving portions are big enough even for the largest appetite

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