Pantry Pizza has several locations throughout the north of Tehran. My personal favorite is the original store located in Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani Street. It is located in a very big basement with low, dim light where everything from the furniture to the decorations are old-fashioned. There are a lot of details, from the wooden benches and tables decorated with red, checked tablecloths to the traditional clothes of waiters. The paintings hanging throughout the walls not only add a touch of class to the atmosphere but also ascertain the age of the restaurant, which dates back to 1986. It’s a hit among all modern pizzerias.

Pantry Pizza is not only famous for its mouth-watering pizzas. As you enter the big hall after coming down the stairs through a thin corridor, you are sure to hear a strange sound which will peak your curiosity. Keep looking around and you’ll soon find this sizzling sound originates from the tempting steaks served on cast-iron plates. Pay attention! If you’re opting for a steak, you’ll have to take a risk of being burnt. Pantry Pizzza utilizes these special kinds of plates in order to keep the delicious flavor of its steaks to the last piece.

Pantry is not only famous for its steaks and pizzas, but also for its Mexican food, schnitzels, fried-shrimps and lasagnas. They have something for all tastes and diets. The Deep Panir Pizza (a kind of pizza with a thin crust full of cheese) is recommended by most customers. On the other hand, the Special Meat and Mushroom Pizza, is topped with a massive amount of meat and can be seen on many tables. Pantry Pizza & Restaurant satisfies vegetarians as well by offering a whole list of vegetable-based dishes.

It doesn’t quite matter what you order. Each dish has a unique taste resulting from traditional recipes, as if you are a guest in a Mexican grandma’s home.

Pantry Pizza & Restaurant - Tehran Places to Eat - TAP PersiaPantry Pizza & Restaurant - Tehran Places to Eat - TAP Persia


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