Nashlaj Village

Nashalj village is located in Neyasar Rural District, Neyasar District, Kashan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 2,168, in 663 families.  Nashalj Village is one of the tourism attractions of Kashan which, due to its unique texture, mild climatic conditions, snowy winter and cool summers, shines like a jewel. The root of the word Nashalj is “Noh Salj”, which means there is cold weather in the village for nine months. Nashalj is Located 43 km northwest of Kashan, the natural beauties of the village, along with its high security against the attack of thieves, attracted people to this area.

The Nashlaj village is located on the northern slope and has beautiful buildings in terms of texture and architectural style. The ceiling of each house is the courtyard of another house. Buildings in the village reveal that its residents made optimum use of climatic and geographical conditions. The presence of two bathhouses in the village indicates the attention of residents toward health and cleanliness. Water canals exceeding 2,500 meters hint at the firm will of the people to live in the village. Due to the village’s geographical position (suitable soil, water and weather), farmers are active in the field of horticulture. There are five water reservoirs in the village, the historical precedence of some dates back to the Safavid era. Given the average rainfall of 200 mm per year, the village is a suitable place for growing sweet-scented Mohammadi rose. The village is famous for its rosewater. Poetry written by Bahram Nashalji about 700 years ago shows that the culture of friendship prevailed in the village.


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