As you know, Marco Polo was a famous Italian merchant, adventurer, and writer. He is known for the book “The Travels of Marco Polo”. In this book, he describes his experiences and his adventurous journey in Asia.

Mongol Invasions

After the Mongol Invasions on Iran (1219-1221), the Mongols went to Europe because they were interested in Christianity. Their ruler at the time, “Kublai Khan”, made good relations with the Europeans, especially the merchants, because of the communications they had between Europe and Asia. Marco, his father, and his uncle were some of those merchants that had a friendship with the Mongols’ ruler. They stayed in China for 17 years, as a guest of Kublai Khan. The Polo family asked for permission to leave China several times but Kublai Khan refused to accept. Eventually, in 1291, Kublai Khan gave them a mission. Iran was under the rule of his nephew, “Mahmud Ghazan” which was asking for a wife from China. Kublai Khan trusted Polos, that’s why he asked them to take the Chinese bride to Iran. So the journey to Iran began.

They promised Kublai Khan to escort the princess to Iran safely and return to China immediately. It was a long journey. They started from the south of China, got to the Singapore port, went to Sri Lanka and finally they arrived in Iran through the Persian Gulf. It took them two years to get to the Hormuz port. They started their journey with 600 people but by the time they got to Iran, only 18 people were left.

The Polo family were in Hormuz. The weather was so hot and it was really difficult to tolerate. Besides the weather, the foods were not tasty to them either. The local food was mostly salty fish. They received the news of the death of Kublai Khan. It was sad but now they could go wherever they wanted. Marco was eager to travel around Iran. Because of political and geographical reasons, Iran has always fascinated visitors. As a result of his sense of adventure, Marco packed his stuff and started one of the most incredible experiences of his life.


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