Language cafe, located in Rajaee Avenue, Kashan, is the perfect place to grab a bite and improve your language skills. English is the first language there and their superfriendly staff speak in English only. Tourists usually fall in love with this place. You can meet interesting people and participate in artistic, cultural conversations.

Language cafe is like a big cabin. Everything is made out of wood. The main table is a whole log of tree, cut in half and turned into a long table. Their stylish leather chairs, are not the most comfortable thing in the world but they sure go with the whole design.

Their modern menu contains lots of yummy treats. Their exotic chow-mein is an appetizing Chinese dish with stir-fried noodles, mushrooms and vegetables. Their croissant is designed with blood oranges, strawberries and chocolate and they give you the option to print custom pictures on your coffee.


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