Kuku Shirin, one of the popular Qazvin dishes and similar to a French quiche, can be made with chicken or potatoes as a fully vegan food!

Sweet Kuku is made in two parts and the final dish is decorated with almond or pistachio slices which had been cut into diamond shaped pieces.


Ingredients For Kuku:
3 Potatoes
6 Eggs
1 Tbsp Flour
4 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tsp Saffron and Cardamom
Almond Slices for Decorations

Ingredient for Sharbat:
3 Cups of Sugar
1 Cup of Water
1 Cup of Rosewater

Kuku Shirin Recipe

  • First of all, you need to mix mashed cooked potatoes, eggs, flour, saffron, and salt in a big bowl. The result is a soft, tasty yellow liquid but not a watery one.
  • In the second step and with the help of a spoon, you need to pour the liquid into a frying pan. Fry it to a golden color.
  • Then you need to make a sweet Sharbat pour on the golden Kuku. For this Sherbat, mix Sugar, Rosewater, cardamom, and saffron in another pot and stir the mix for a couple of minutes on the oven.
  • After pouring the Sherbat on Kuku and cut into diamond shaped pieces, use almond slices, pistachio slices or barberries to decoration.

Your Kuku Shirin is ready now & can be served with rice or flatbread. Don’t forget to enjoy it alongside fresh vegetables or Persian yogurt!

Kuku Shirin - Qazvin Local Food - TAP PersiaKuku Shirin - Qazvin Local Food - TAP PersiaKuku Shirin - Qazvin Local Food - TAP Persia


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