Near one of the most famous sites of Qeshm Island, Portugees Castle, a local woman that everyone calls her ‘aunt’ runs her own small traditional restaurant. Khaleh restaurant is not fancy and big but the foods are incomparable to any other restaurant on the Island. This restaurant is only open at nights and you can enjoy the outdoor tables. It provides a friendly atmosphere and home-made foods made by a local woman.

Most of the famous foods of Qeshm and also south of Iran is cooked in this restaurant.
Their Falafel sandwich consists of tasty deep-fried balls of chickpeas dressed with pickles, tomatoes, and spicy pickled vegetables. They make their Samosa (Sambooseh) out of fried thin bread stuffed with potatoes, onions, peas, parsley and a generous amount of local spices. It usually has a triangular shape and their Poodini Kooseh is moist and delicious.


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