What does Kashan have to offer?
Kashan has many beautiful traditional houses, an awe-standing bazaar to walk through, and other great historical attractions.
What is Kashan known for?
Kashan is best known for its rose water. However, besides that, Fin Garden, its bazaar, the underground city of Noushabad, and its many traditional houses are also very famous.
What kind of special food does Kashan have?
Khoresht Nokhod Alleh , Kateh Moatar, and Jujui Tas KebabJujui Tas Kebab are the most famous foods of Kashan.
Where should I go in Kashan?
With no doubt, you must visit its traditional houses, Fin Garden, the underground city of Noushabad, Sialk Hills, and its beautiful bazaar.
How many people live in Kashan?
329000 people live in Kashan until 2020.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Kashan?
Kashan is not really a big city. So, you can just easily take a taxi and go wherever you are willing to visit.
Should we expect to see night life in Kashan?
Probably not. You can go out at night and have a walk with no problem. But due to its historical aspect, there is not much to see at night.