If you spend enough time shopping around, you’ll see that Iranians have their own particular style of tea cups. Iran has a very strong tea culture, which has influenced the shape and style of their classic tea cup.

Commonly found in vibrant gold and red, these tea cups often feature images of one of Iran’s famous rulers from the 17th century, Shah Abbas. A famous king whose influence can still be felt to this day, Shah Abbas left his mark on all aspects of Iranian culture. His image is placed on almost all traditional tea-related appliances as an icon of that time period.

The slender shape of the cup provides a variety of benefits when it comes to drinking tea. The cup not only balances and retains the heat of any liquid within itself, it is also designed to prevent splashing. The cup is also formed to fit comfortably inside your hands. Be careful thou, the cup can get quite hot when filled. Overall, the harmonious shape and design of these cups will give a delightful sensation to any gathering.


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