1. Fill in
visa application form
2. Pay the TAP Persia Application Fee of €20
3. Receive authorization code
in 2-3 working days
4. Collect your visa
at airport/embassy


  • If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the VOA counter of your arriving airport, you will only receive a receipt for your visa fee payment
  • If you’re picking up your visa from one of Iran’s embassies and consulates, you will receive an official stamp inside of your passport.
  • Submitting your application at the airport
  • Not observing islamic dress code
  • Any Israeli stamp on your passport within the past 12 months
  • Introducing yourself as a journalist, photographer, filmographer, or anything related to media. Introducing yourself as a government worker, contractor, or in any way connected to a foreign government.
    • This will cause the authorities to inspect your background along with your digital and social media presence with much more scrutiny, especially depending on the source you work for.

If you apply through TAP Persia, you will receive your visa authorization code within 2-3 working days (other than thursdays, and fridays)

You should realistically apply for your Iran Visa Authorization Code 3-4 weeks before your departure to Iran

  • Once you receive your authorization code from TAP Persia, you will have to identify where you will be picking up your actual Iran Tourist Visa.
  • If you’re picking up your visa from the VOA counter at the airport – you have 90 days to use your code
  • If you’re picking up your visa from one of Iran’s embassies or consulates – you have 30 days to use your code
  • You’re Iran Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days after your entrance
  • You may extend your visa a total of 2 times, for 30 days each. This means you can stay a maximum of 90 days in Iran.
  • If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the nearest Iranian embassy or consulate
    • Regular path will take 5-7 days and don’t involve additional fees
    • Express path will take 3-5 days and involve expediting fees on top of the Visa Fee.
  • If If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the airport VOA counter
    • The process will take 1-5 hours

Depending on where you have chosen to pick up your Iran Tourist Visa (airport VOA counter, or one of Iran’s worldwide embassies and consulates),

If the reason for your rejection states that you should “apply through a local Iranian agency”, you can re-apply for your Iran Tourist Visa through TAP Persia VIP Visa Services.

  • If travelling to mainland Iran, it will take at least 2 months to process your visa
  • You must plan your
  • We have to provide the entire itinerary for them, along with dedicated escort guide at all times
  • Qeshm and Kish, don’t require tourist visa. This can be arranged in 2 working days.
  • Multinationals that have a US, UK and Canadian passport plus a passport from another nationality, are encouraged to use their second passport when applying for their Iran visa. You do not have to disclose your citizenship with the US, UK or Canada.
  • You will have to provide the complete contact and detailed personal information for the person or place you are staying at. In order not to cause additional hassle and scrutiny for your host, we HIGHLY recommend for you to book a cheap hotel or hostel for your first night’s stay in the country.
    • WARNING: not following this recommendation will cause lots of headache and problems for your host as well as increasing your chances of visa rejection.
  • Nationals from US, UK and Canada can only stay in accommodations reserved for them through a local Iranian travel agency.
US-UK-Canada - Iran Visa-TAP Persia
Iran Debit Card -TAP Persia

For more detailed information on what you need in order to obtain your visa for Iran, click the above link.

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