Iran Activities in Spring and Fall, it is a good idea to travel to Desert in Khoor (Mesr Desert) where you can enjoy staying in locals’ houses. You can also enjoy travelling and enjoying beautiful nature in Qeshm Island and Kish Island in South of Iran in these two seasons.

In Summer, different cities in North and also in west of Iran would deffinitely be good places to visit.

In Winter, Boushehr, Bandar Abbas which are two major ports in Iran, Kish, Qeshm,… are ideal destinations. If you are into skiing choose Tochal and Dizin in Tehran or Chehelgerd in Isfahan.

Nightlife and Iran are not two words which are often used in the same sentence. On the other hand, there is a thriving café and restaurant scene where you can sit in a cozy place and watch the world go by drinking a coffee or soft drink or – whisper it – a beer lookalike which tastes surprisingly good after a day plodding the streets as a tourist. And for a real experience try the Armenian Club in the evening. Since it is officially a Christian restaurant, it is off-limits to Muslims.

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