Are you running out of time and looking for an easy dish to serve? Persian potato pancake or Kuku Sibzamini is then the best choice for you to enjoy a nutritious Persian food! All you need is potatoes and eggs but check our step-by-step recipe to see how to make a tasty mixture out of them!

Kuku Sibzamini Ingredients

Persian Potato Pancakes (Kookoo) Recipe

5 medium-size boiled and mashed potatoes
3 small eggs
Salt, black pepper and turmeric
Vegetable oil

How to Cook Persian Potato Patties?

Persian Potato Pancakes (Kookoo) Recipe


  1. Potatoes that were boiled and mashed earlier should be mixed with eggs and species in a big bowl.
    Note: Your mixture should not be watery so in this case, you have to add a tablespoon of white flour to it.
  2. Use a pan to heat 4-5 tablespoons of oil for 3-4 minutes till you see small bubbles appear on the surface of the oil.
  3. With the help of a spoon or your hand’s palm, make small patties of your mixture (small Hamburger-size circles).
  4. Place the potato patties in the pan carefully and let each side fry till the color changes to a golden brown.


5. When you make sure the first side of your Persian potato patties’ turned to golden, flip the potato pancakes over and let the other side cook and fry. while frying you need to add oil so you may add oil 2 or 3 times till all your potato patties get fried.
Persian Potato Pancakes (Kookoo) RecipeNote: Before you serve your delicious Persian potato patties, you’re suggested to put them one by one on a paper towel and drain the oil you used for frying.


6. You can serve pickled cucumber, olive, and tomato sauce with this tasty Persian cuisine on your dinner table or use them to design your dish and surprise your guests. Don’t forget to taste these cute pancakes beside some fresh Persian bread such as Nan-e Lawash Or Lavash Bread, Nan-e Taftoon, or Taftoon Bread or “Nan- E- Sangak” Or Sangak Bread.


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