Jolfa is a unique neighborhood in the western part of Isfahan. It’s mostly home to Armenian migrants that made Isfahan their home over 400 years ago and their direct descendants. This has caused Jolfa to retain a touch of their distant European style and quality. The original and first branch of the now-popular Hermes Cafe is located in the heart of Jolfa’s tourist district.

The white and chic exterior design of the cafe is the first characteristic that makes the cafe stand out from its neighbors. It’s simple modern design is quite reminiscent of French bistros and cafes. Once inside, you can enjoy taking memorable photos using the camera and big-screen TV located in the entrance waiting area. You can choose to dine on the ground floor facing the streets, or on the second floor, which is a bit roomier.

The staff are well-trained, dressed in fashionable uniforms and are always kind and professional. The last time me and my friends were there, we chose to sit on the ground floor so that we would have a good level-view of the streets, lovely orange-bricked walls and the outside passerbyers.

I recommend Hermes’ breakfast. I had the fluffiest layers of pancakes, topped with maple syrup, strawberries and oranges. My friend’s waffles were soft on the inside but crispy on outside. Their breakfast also comes with a complimentary coffee. Healthy diet, low-carb options are kind of rare in Iran but Hermes’ wide menu provides low calorie meals to satisfy all diets.

Hermes Cafe – Modern DelightsHermes Cafe – Modern DelightsHermes Cafe – Modern DelightsHermes Cafe – Modern DelightsHermes Cafe – Modern Delights


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