What are Hammam’s?
Hammam’s were used as communal bathhouses up until about 50 years ago. Each neighborhood would have its own hammam, where residents would go for their weekly cleaning. These places were also used for socializing, gossiping, and finding spouses for the neighbor's children.
How hot is a hammam?
Hamas have multiple chambers, such as a scrubbing area, a washing area, locker rooms, and showers. The temperatures in the showering and washing areas are similar to saunas and steam rooms.
What do you wear to a hammam?
Both men and women are encouraged to go with swimsuit bottoms or underwear, as Islamic dress code dictates that you not show your privates, even in a public bath.
What should I bring to a hammam?
You should bring a bathing suit, your own shampoo, and a loofah (scrubbing mitt).