Qeshm Island is not only a wondrous place for exploring untouched nature but also is home to a whole variety of local foods and cuisine. Known as “khorma” in Farsi, dates are typical products of the Island due to its warm and humid climate. There are hundreds of kinds of dates which differ in size, color and flavor. Fresh and dried dates are two main types of dates which both are very popular in Iran.

Dates are used in so many Iranian meals and desserts. One of the most famous desserts in Southern Iran is a rich and sweet dish called “ranginak”. In order to make Ranginak fried butter and flour get mixed with dates, cinnamon and cardamom. This traditional dessert is aromatic and delicious.

One of the most famous local breads on the Island is “tomooshi nan” which is baked quite different than the other breads. In order to make these tasty breads, eggs and cheese are added to the basic formula of bread dough and it is served with a local sauce named “mahi abe” which consists of fish broth (Mahi Abe in Persian), coriander and mustard. It can also be served with “sooragh sauce“ Which includes special spice of Qeshm(red edible soil), Hashine Mahi, water, red roses and bitter orange zest. It’s commonly served for breakfast and is also used as a local souvenir.

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Heller village in Qeshm City is famous for its fabulous local sweets and cakes. It has so many different kinds of sweets including “Heller Cake”. This fluffy cake is made by flour, eggs, sugar and vanilla. The recipe might seem simple but the fantastic taste of it, is what makes this cake unique.


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