Tabriz, The City of Pioneers

Tabriz Travel Guide

Being one of the crucial cities of Iran, Tabriz has its significance from various aspects including economic, cultural, political, and historical importance. The people in Tabriz are Turks and despite the fact that Persian is the official language in Iran, they speak Turkish in their daily lives even in schools.

What to Do in Tabriz? 

The innumerable museums and natural sites like Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, Arg-e Tabriz, and El Goli Park are a must to visit. Note that Tabriz is well-known for its delicious foods as well. In case you are not a vegetarian, you will be mesmerized by the tasty kebabs. So, get ready to put on a couple of pounds! Koofteh Tabrizi, Ashe Mast, and Dolma are other delicious foods you must try while visiting Tabriz.

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If you are a sweet tooth, a great variety of sweets like Baklava, Nougha, and Loz are awaiting you in Tabriz. If you are an adventure seeker, Eynali Mountain Range is a must-see in Tabriz. You should also make a visit to the surrounding villages and cities. Kandovan is a famous stepped village in Iran in which every house’s roof is the upper house’s yard. The architecture of this village is quite ingenious and it is only a one-hour drive from Tabriz. Jolfa is also another nearby city that is typically known for being on the border to Armenia and its pleasant weather and mesmerizing landscape.St Stephanos Monastery is one of the main sites of Jolfa.

When is the Best Time to Visit Tabriz?

Being located in the northwest of Iran, Tabriz has pleasant summers and harsh winters. So, if you are not a fan of snow and cold weather, we recommend making your visit during spring and summer to enjoy the beauties of its untouched landscape.

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Bazaar of Tabriz


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Babak Castle and Arasbaran Forests

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Babak Castle and Arasbaran Forests

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