Kerman Travel Guide

Known as a historical city, Kerman has the best and largest pistachio farms in Iran. It produces high-quality pistachios and they export a colossal amount of their production to all around the world. Since it has a rich nature, animal husbandry is a typical profession among the people of Kerman. That is how they have the best quality of raw material for weaving carpets. Accordingly, people of Kerman are amazing carpet-weavers and chief carpet exporters in Iran.

What to Do in Kerman?

Gonbad-e Jabaliye belonging to Zoroastrians, Ganjali Khan Complex, andSanati Contemporary Art Museum are must-see attractions in Kerman. Shazdeh Gardenis also within a one-hour drive to Kerman which you should not miss.

Arg-e Bam Citadel

Arg-e Bam and Shahdad Kalouts are the two must-see attractions in the countryside which you must also visit while traveling to Kerman.

Do not miss on a walking tour in the bazaar to get in the heart of local lives and immerse yourself in their rich culture. Kerman is pretty famous for its sweets especially Kolompe and Komaj. Taste some which are pretty delicious. Bam and Kerman are so well-known for date production as well. Try some date with original Persian tea to feel like a local. Pate is also folk and traditional needlework in Kerman that are woven on a variety of cloths which can be suitable souvenirs for your loved ones.   

When is the Best Time to Visit Kerman?

Since Kerman is right in the corner of southeast Iran, the province has hot days and cold nights. The best time to have a trip to Kerman is from March to May since the weather is temperate and something between 17° to 25° C.

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Arg-e Bam Citadel

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