Kashan Travel Guide

Right on the edge of Kavir desert, Kashan is on so many visitors journeys from Isfahan to Tehran. Kashan offers eye-appealing destinations including magnificent historical houses, convoluted bazaar, and monumental mosques and bathhouses. From the Seljuk Dynasty, Kashan got renowned for producing unique textiles, tiles, and potteries. It is also universally known for its herbal drinks and rosewater distillation festivals. Kashan’s rosewater is quite famous among cosmetic companies and each year they export thousands of rosewater gallons to these companies all around the world.

What to Do in Kashan?

First things first, do not miss out on visiting the eye-catching historical houses; to put it better, they are more of a mansion rather than a house. Tabatabai House, Historical Ameri House, and Abbasian House are only a few of the houses you should visit in Kashan.

 Aqa Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and the magnificent Kashan Bazaar are other places not to miss. There is also an invaluable collection of Persian toys and puppets at Kashan Toy & Puppet Museum, which you should take a look at. Creativity, ingenuity, and art are the features of touristic attractions of Kashan. Besides visiting all these artistic sites, do not forget to buy some tasty and peaceful herbal drinks and rose water as well. You can use the rose in your teas and the rosewater in different drinks and foods, and even as a natural toner for your skin! 

When is the Best Time to Visit Kashan?

Each year in April and May, the mesmerizing fragrant Rosewater Distillations are held in Kashan and surrounding cities like Ghamsar and Niasar. It is highly recommended not to miss these memorable events. If you want to make the most out of your stay in Kashan and due to its warm weather, spring is a better season for your visit there. Besides, you will enjoy the lush green areas and the floating rivers and ponds in the historical houses much more.


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