Darya Restaurant, located in ِDargahan, Qeshm, is considered the biggest seafood restaurant on the island. They designed every part of Darya restaurant (which means sea in Persian) purposely to represent an old-school wooden ship. Its walls and roof are tastefully decorated with wood stripes and straws. The tables, the chairs, and their backseats all resemble ship steering wheels and their antique chandeliers are perfect reminders of epic pirate stories.

Darya Restaurant presents a wide range of Persian cuisine in its flavorful menu. In order to cook their roasted fish dish, ‘Mahi Bereshteh’, they use a dome-shaped metal roaster. It uses coal as its fuel. They gut the fish, stuff it with coriander, dills and onions, season the fish with a generous amount of salt and roast it on the dome-shaped roaster. They serve it alongside dates and a cute bell pepper, filled with a special sauce. Their ‘Havari Mahi’ dish consists of an aromatic mixture of rice, shredded local fish, vegetables and exotic spices. It’s one of the most famous traditional dishes of Qeshm. Havari might not be the best thing you have ever laid eyes on, but its wonderful taste and aroma fully compensates for its look.

Darya Restaurant - Qeshm - TAP PersiaDarya Restaurant - Qeshm - TAP PersiaDarya Restaurant - Qeshm - TAP Persia


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