Shirkooh Mountain

Mountains are considered to be one of the most diverse tourist attractions, which have occupied most of the leisure time of tourists in mountainous areas since ancient times. People have increased their interest and request to do exciting sports and visit mountain ecosystems and their attractions. Here we are going to review some information about […]

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The Ancient Cypress Tree of Abarkouh

Introduction When you think about the oldest biological creatures alive in the world, you may consider bacteria which in some cases have been frozen and alive for 500,000 years. Although some scientists believe that in order to be considered the oldest, there should be a continuous metabolism in that creature and bacteria cheat nature with […]

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Bafgh Desert – The Greatest Desert in Yazd

Bafgh desert in Yazd province is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran. You can have Camel ridding and overnight in traditional mansion.

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