Glory and Downfall: The Last Pre-Islamic Persian Power, Sassanid Empire

The final Persian Empire kingdom to exist before the advent of Islam was the Sassanid or Sasanian Empire, often known as the Empire of Iranians or Neo-Persian Empire by historians(Iran history). It governed from 224 to 651 AD and was named for the House of Sasan. After the downfall of the Parthian Empire, the Sassanid […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining an Iran Visa for Canadian Citizens

Iran is a country with four distinct seasons, a rich history and culture, and real souvenirs. This is a fact that can be deduced from the observations of tourists who have been awed by Iran’s breathtaking features.In recent years, travel to Iran has grown significantly easier. The process of obtaining an Iranian visa is short, […]

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6 Famous Churches in Iran

The vast majority of the country’s people practices Shi’ism, one of the main sects of Islam and the state religion of Iran. Yet, this country also has followers of other faiths, including as Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. Christians make up the majority of those who identify with non-Islamic religious minority, and they have a longer […]

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12 Popular Street Food in Iran

Let’s explore twelve street food in Iran. Tasty, delicious, healthy, fast, and inexpensive. The experience you might never ever forget.

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