My Experiences Among Zoroastrians in Yazd & Kerman

On my journey through the unique cultural environment, I discovered the nearly unforgotten faith and religion of Zoroastrians. Passed down by Zoroaster and implemented into the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great and Darius, this religion is known as the ancient religion of Iran. This status changed after the Arab invasion around 630 A.D. Since […]

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Travel Guide to Hengam

Hengam Island, African savannah inside the Persian Gulf and one of three special Islands around Qeshm Island. Hormuz, the one with special soils and crazy landscapes. Larak, reserved Island for Military issues. Last but not least, Hengam Island, an underrated Destination of silence and unconcern. Let me take you on a short trip to the […]

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From Delhi to Mashhad: An Indian’s Guide to Exploring Iran

I am an Indian and was invited by an Iranian friend from Mashhad, to visit Iran, so I decided to visit Mashhad (Iran). I spent almost one week there, in the 2nd week of July i.e. 6th July 2019 to 13th July 2019. Luckily, it was a religious festival time, as the Imam Reza birth [...]
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Don’t Go to Iran

Not a long time ago, a video went viral on social media made by a French film director, photographer, blogger, and traveler named Benjamin Martinie, also known as TOLT. He is mostly known because of making videos of the beauties of different countries, using opposite adjectives with the title “Don’t Go to (the name of […]

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Travel with Nomads in Iran

The glamour of nomadic women’s colorful dresses, men in the entrance of black tents with their manliest mustaches of all time, colored-eyed children with rosy cheeks laughing while you are trying to capture all these beauties in a picture, can be a good visual entry to the story of Persian nomads’ life, but there is [...]
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