Bus Rides in Iran – Cheap, Convenient and Reliable

Traveling inside Iran can happen through different modes of transportation. It can be any of the modes including airplanes, trains, taxies, or domestic buses. Bus travel is common among people. Iranian families like to experience it especially when they are traveling in groups. One can carry about 20-kilogram loads while having Iran bus travel. Although […]

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From Delhi to Mashhad: An Indian’s Guide to Exploring Iran

I am an Indian and was invited by an Iranian friend from Mashhad, to visit Iran, so I decided to visit Mashhad (Iran). I spent almost one week there, in the 2nd week of July i.e. 6th July 2019 to 13th July 2019. Luckily, it was a religious festival time, as the Imam Reza birth [...]
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Taxi Iran

Taxis are one of the most important transportations you will use in your visit to Iran. Taking a taxi won’t be a problem in Iran. You can take it anywhere and whenever you wish to go somewhere. However, you should have in mind that there are various kinds. Taxis in Iran are yellow in color […]

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Car Rental in Iran

You might think that you won’t be needing a car to rent since you may have heard that a lot of things must be done in order to rent a car in Iran or the rumors you’ve heard of driving in Iran. However with TAP Persia’s Car Rental Service you won’t be having any of [...]
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Transport: Getting Around the Country

When you travel to Iran, you should know the basics about the transportation system in the country – such as how to get from city to city, and how to get around within cities. The good news is that travellers will have little problem with both. They do, however, have to consider their options and […]

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