2019 Updated Entrance Fees of Historical and Cultural Heritages for Foreign Tourists in Iran

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has increased the entrance fees due to the cost of monuments maintenance and renovation. Here's the list of historical and cultural heritages in Iran cities with the updated entrance fees in 2019 for foreigners. This will be applied from October 23rd onwards. (Class A qualifies for world heritage [...]
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Iran: Expectations vs. Reality

Think of Iran. Now stop. What was on your mind? Expectation: Iran is a barren land that’s hot all year round Reality: Iran has four seasons and a variety of landscapes Snow-dusted mountains in the village of Abyaneh. The greenery in Masuleh, a quaint town in the Gilan Province of Iran. Many of my friends […]

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Tehran Airport CANCELS several flights due to heavy snow

Following heavy snowfall in Iran’s western and northern regions including Tehran, two major airports in the city have been unable to operate, leading to widespread flight cancellations or diversions. Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport have been on a standstill since Saturday (27 Jan)

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