Baghali – Big Green Beans

Baghali - Big Green Beans Street Food Baghali (known around the world as broad or fava beans) is another street food that can be find in Tehran. One of the most famous local foods around, the beans are usually boiled until softened, and then soaked in a spice blend of salt, vinegar, lime juice, dried [...]
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Laboo – Purple Delight

Laboo- Purple Delight Street food Street food is a huge part of Persian culture and Laboo (la-boo) is king in the streets of Tehran. One of the best local foods around, It has an exceptional color, something between purple and red, and a sweet-scented aroma. It’s quite popular all year round, specially during the cold [...]
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Balal – You’ve never tried corn this way

There are different methods for cooking corn. Most countries boil and fry it of course. Local Iranians love cooking corn directly on charcoal. When it’s time to make Balal (corn), Persians fire up some charcoal in a grill then put the corn directly on the red embers. This method of cooking makes the most sensational [...]
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