Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz Historic Bazaar which is considered the largest covered bazaar in the world and the oldest bazaar of the Middle East is located in the center of Tabriz city in northwestern Iran. Tabriz bazaar was one of the most important commercial centers on the silk road. Tabriz Historic Bazaar was already flourishing in the 13th [...]
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Barcode restaurant

Barcode is a modern restaurant, located in Jazire complex, Valiasr street, Tabriz. Their interior design is a harmony of black bricks, brown walls and wooden floor. They designed the restaurant with a network of pipes full of lamps and pots of fresh flowers. One of its walls has been converted into a graffiti of a [...]
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Berkeh Restaurant

Berkeh Restaurant, located in Sardroud ring road, Tabriz is a famous traditional restaurant. With the help of tropical trees like banana trees, they have transformed a huge hall into a tropical forest. The word “berkeh” literally means pond in Persian. In the middle of the hall, lies a huge artificial pond full of massive fish. [...]
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Qurabiya (Ghorabieh)

Qurabiya, is a shortbread-type biscuit originating from Tabriz, usually made made of almond flour, sugar, egg white, vanilla, margarine and pistachio. It is sometimes served with tea.

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Ashe Shile Adas (Lentil Pottage)

Ashe Shile Adas or Lentil pottage is made of Chicken water, lentil, rice, wheat, tomato,leek and green onion.

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