Travel is like a puzzle. Every corner of the trip, from the roads you take and sightseeing you go to the entertainment you experience, is a piece of this exciting puzzle. Food is one of the most important and colorful parts of travel. By choosing the right restaurants in each city to eat, you will create a memorable experience of the authentic taste of that city. Shiraz is one of the cities where you can experience a great restaurant tour in addition to visiting its historical and scenic places. So let’s take a quick look at the top places to eat in this gorgeous city.

1. Haft Khan Restaurant ComplexHaft Khan Restaurant - Shiraz - Iran

Haft Khan Restaurant is an awesome complex with a magnificent entrée and any type of food you desire. This complex has several floors. Each floor is dedicated to a type of food. Traditional Iranian food, foreign food, fast food, and even coffee shop are the categories they include. You will find the best and most varied menu on every floor and for every type of food. Also, the decor and arrangement of each floor go with the special food they are serving.

2. Vakil Cultural House

Vakil Cultural House comes with a historical environment and the sound of the fountain and live music. You are definitely recommended to eat Abgousht in this restaurant. This restaurant used to be a bathhouse in ancient times, but now the sound of spoons and forks and the coming and going of guests has turned it into a cozy and pleasant restaurant. It is also customary to eat cabbage rice (Kalam-polo) with chicken in this restaurant. And you can also drink fresh tea after eating and continue walking around the city after a few minutes of relaxing.

3. Hedayat Cafe Restaurant

While visiting different places in Shiraz, if you are looking for a place where, apart from eating, you can count on its delicious drinks, Hedayat Shiraz Restaurant Cafe is a good place. Hedayat Restaurant Cafe is located in the heart of Shiraz city. And its unique feature is the combination of Iranian and foreign recipes, and as a result, cooking new and delicious food. Hedayat restaurant cafe, as its name suggests, serves a variety of hot and cold drinks and various coffee shop foods.

4. Soofi Traditional Restaurant

Sufi Shiraz restaurant is one of the luxury and old restaurants in Shiraz. It is very popular among Iranian and non-Iranian tourists and residents of Shiraz. Sufi restaurant, with traditional and pleasant decoration, serves a variety of Iranian, western, and fast food dishes with exemplary quality. In addition, if you want to taste the real taste of Shiraz cuisine, Soofi restaurant is a very good option.

5. Mahooni cafe

In front of Jahan Nama Garden, there is a cozy and quiet cafe. Shiraz Mahony Cafe invites you after hours of sightseeing and visiting the beautiful Jahan Nama garden to relax with a cup of first-class coffee or a glass of fragrant Iranian tea. The walls of the Mahooni cafe are decorated with Hafez’s poems and with Nastaliq calligraphy which represents a view of an authentic Shirazi cafe. This place has become a lovely cafe with various pasta and delicious snacks along with traditional Shiraz drinks. And for sure, it is a place where the warm and professional attitude of the cafe staff has formed a friendly environment.Shapouri Garden Traditional Restaurant - Shiraz - Iran

6. Shapouri Garden Traditional Restaurant

Eating in Shapouri restaurant is a sweet dining experience in a historical and pleasant environment. The design of the restaurant is in a traditional style. And you can eat your food in the open air during the summer nights, as well. The building of this restaurant belongs to the Pahlavi period and has historical value. Different Kebabs, Iranian and western dishes are available on the menu. In this garden, in addition to the restaurant, there is also a coffee shop and an exhibition of art and handicrafts that you can enjoy.

7. Sharzeh Restaurant

If you are looking for an old but luxurious restaurant near the old texture of Shiraz city choose Sharze restaurant. Or if you have a craving for kebab this place is a great choice. They say that this place has the best kebab in the city. You can safely walk in Karim Khan Citadel and visit the surrounding sights, and finally, go to Sharzeh restaurant to enjoy local and delicious food in a traditionally designed space. Another positive point of Sharzeh is the performance of live traditional music.

8. Darbe Shazdeh Restaurant

Darbe Shazdeh is a traditional hotel in a renovated historical building. This residence also has a traditional restaurant which, ironically, has created a very beautiful and pleasant environment. The building of this hotel belongs to the Qajar era and is located in the heart of the old city of Shiraz. This restaurant has high-quality and delicious food.

9. Persian Dinner Restaurant

Another first-class restaurant in the city of Iranian poetry and civilization is the Persian Dinner Restaurant. Persian Dinner restaurant with a menu full of traditional Shirazi dishes and official Iranian dishes will prove to you how rich the food culture of Shiraz is. The pleasant environment of this long-established restaurant becomes even more pleasant with music, and you can create wonderful hours for yourself and your family in this restaurant.

10. Della Steak HouseDella Steak House - Shiraz - Iran

Della Steak House (Restaurant) is located in Atlasi neighborhood of Shiraz and Hafez street. This restaurant is one of the nine restaurants in the Atlasi neighborhood of Shiraz. And in terms of its geographical location, it is near important centers such as Ibn Sina Hospital, Tomb of Hafez, Koushak Mansion, Handicraft Bazaar, Jahan Nama Traditional Restaurant, and Jahan Nama Garden. Also, according to the reviews, we can say that this restaurant is one of the good restaurants in this area.

11. Cafe Arg

Cafe Arg is a lovely environment with a variety of drinks. You can find this Traditional Cafe on Nasser Khosrow Street (behind Karim Khan Citadel). It welcomes its guests from breakfast to night. The old and traditional environment of this cafe brings an attractive experience for domestic and foreign tourists.

12. Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant

Kate Mas traditional restaurant is another one of the famous traditional restaurants in Shiraz. The atmosphere of the restaurant has been designed in a completely traditional way and you will enjoy being there. When you enter the restaurant, you feel like you are in the old mansions of the Zendiyeh period.

The decorations used in the interior of the restaurant are very elegant and professional patterns. They always have live music in this restaurant except during mourning days. KAte Mas offers a very diverse menu and includes all kinds of Iranian and traditional dishes. If you visit this restaurant, be sure to taste its lamb kebab, which has many fans.Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant - Shiraz - Iran

13. Brentin

Brentin is another one of the luxury restaurants in Shiraz. It is located on Sattar Khan Blvd. This place has attracted many tourists and travelers due to its beautiful view and unique decoration. Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of the food, as well as the arrangement and appearance of it, are excellent, and the taste of the dishes here is unforgettable.

Brentin restaurant with its large and pleasant atmosphere with its white facade decorated with flowers is stunning. If you visit this place, make sure you try the spicy prawn pilaf and Tachin. They are extremely delicious and tasty and they are known among the best of Brentin because of their special taste.



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